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Savour Summer In Stratford

Winter Sucks






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Your Craft Beer and Distillery Mecca is Just a Short Road Trip Away!

Posted under Winter Sucks on Jan 22, 2020


Craving the ultimate weekend trip with your buds? Need a fun packed experience to brag about back home? You're in luck, there's a town you can truly vibe with -- Stratford, Ontario.

Covid-19 Update: Some locations and activities included in this blog post may have altered services or cancellations due to the current pandemic. Please check with each business or group directly or contact Stratford Tourism for more information.

Before you say anything, we already know what you’re thinking: “Doesn’t winter suck in Stratford?” Well, not for those who enjoy Instagram-worthy sights, delicious cuisine, magical winter activities, AND loads of brewery and distillery adventures. If this sounds like it’s up your alley and the ultimate weekend vacay, then Stratford definitely doesn’t suck in the winter, but shhh, don’t tell.

The weekend is your time for some R&R, and what better way to get it than enjoying the taste of locally crafted beers, wines, and liquors surrounded by your closest friends? In Stratford, there are many local breweries that create the best brews (with popular year-round and seasonal-only selections available), and distilleries that offer a unique variety of hand-crafted whiskey, gin, vodka, and so much more. Have you ever tried mint smoothie liquor? Well, you can, but only in Stratford.

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a micro-distillery, you’re in luck. Get a full tour to quench your curiosity--it’s fascinating how your favourite libations are made! From grain to glass get the full experience, and enjoy a sampling from a selection of spirits!

If you’re looking to dine while you taste, some breweries feature a full restaurant so you can splurge on mouth-watering food while you put their beers to the ultimate taste test. The drinks may not be on us, but you’re still bound to love them, even during winter.

There are many exclusive events in Stratford that will complete your dream brewery and distillery get-away. One that may peak your interest is the Bacon and Ale Trail. Yes--you read that correctly: you can literally pair two of life’s greatest creations on a self-guided tour that features fifteen stops to choose from. At each stop, you’ll get to choose a unique bacon and ale-inspired treat and maybe even get to speak with local culinary stars.

This event is available during the week and weekend, so if Kelly decides to change things up again last minute, you’ll have plenty of other opportunities to go! Besides, exploring the trail is the perfect winter activity. You and your pals can enjoy the snowy beauty as you travel from stop to stop and then warm up inside while enjoying a flight of brew. Are you ready for the ultimate beer bond? We think so.

Wine and cheese lovers unite! For just $40 on the long weekend in February, you can delight your senses by participating in the Ontario Wine and Cheese Pairing event. When it comes to wine, there are so many choices it can be hard to decide. It shouldn’t surprise you to know that there are so many great wines produced right in Ontario. That’s exactly what this event is for: you’ll find your new fav wine by tasting some of Ontario’s best. Plus, you’ll get to pair the selections with some local cheese, too! It’ll be cheese-tastic with zero regrets.

Speaking of cheese… During winter this year you can attend a special Booze and Blues pairing. For once, we’re not talking about music. Instead, we’re talking about blue cheese! If you love blue cheese as much as we do, then you’ll want to check this out. Not only will you get to taste several kinds of blue cheese, but you’ll also have them paired with a dark beer, red wine, and fortified wine. Our cheese game is seriously strong in Stratford, and so is our booze. Come join us for a good time!

If you’re visiting during the week, you’ll be glad to know many of these events, plus others, are still available to you. Do you participate in a weekly Wine Wednesday? Just because you’re on vacay doesn’t mean you need to put your traditions on hold. You can still have your Wine Wednesday, but it’ll be the Stratford winter edition. You can expect to be joined by an amazing wine sommelier who will share a featured wine by the glass (and maybe food pairing too). This is a zero-cost experience with featured wines available to purchase, so you can take it home or savour it back at your hotel--it’s your choice.

In Stratford, our boozie experience is available in any season. Whether it’s during summer’s warmth or winter’s icicle beauty, our breweries and distilleries will make sure you have a grand time. When you’re ready to visit, we’ll be ready to pop open a bottle or crack a lid. It’s easy to book your trip; just head to Stratford Tourism’s website to get started. Booking your trip is as easy as downing a glass of our local beer.

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