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Savour Summer In Stratford

Winter Sucks






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The Shopaholic in You Will Love The Amazing Stores in Stratford, Ontario

Posted under Winter Sucks on Feb 5, 2020


Everyone has their go-to stores and brands. But don’t you get tired of seeing the same thing over and over? What if we told you there was a place full of unique treasures you won’t find where you’re shopping? If we’ve piqued the interest in your inner shopaholic, you’ll want to keep reading.

Covid-19 Update: Some locations and activities included in this blog post may have altered services or cancellations due to the current pandemic. Please check with each business or group directly or contact Stratford Tourism for more information.

Sure, that $100 shirt you bought--that everyone else is also currently wearing--from that well-known brand may have been exciting at the time, but we can offer you a different kind of shopping experience in Stratford, Ontario. Here, we’ve got fashion stores for all tastes and esthetics, gift shops with lovable knick-knacks and funny gifts, art and cultural treasures, homeware and culinary supplies to spruce up your home, and SO much more. If you’ve heard Stratford shuts down during the winter, you heard wrong. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean the fun stops; our stores are open and staff are ready to welcome you in any season.

The best part about Stratford’s shopping experience is that these stores offer hidden treasures that will have your friends back home begging you to tell them where you bought it. So, if people ask you, “Doesn’t Stratford suck in winter?” You’ll have store-bought proof that this quaint town has a lot to offer, all year round. It’s okay to cave in to your shopaholic desires once in a while, but shhh… don’t tell everyone your secret.

During the winter, the beauty of Stratford will inspire you to become a true fashionista. The beautiful walkways are well-lit, and the architect and building designs will have you feeling like a star.

Fashion first: prepare to be WOW’d by the many clothing stores with styles from luxury to casual. Whatever your taste, you’ll be looking on fleek. There are so many options, too; you’ll be coming home with a new wardrobe for the entire fam! And, to match your new outfits, you can also shop for accessories, shoes, and jewelry. There’s so much you’ll love about shopping Stratford, so prepare your closet!

If fashion isn’t your thing—don’t worry. There are other stores to enjoy. Maybe you have a knack for gardening, cooking, or decorating. Guess what? Stratford’s got that too! There’s not just one, but many garden galleries where you can bring home garden decor, tools, or maybe even some plants. What home wouldn’t be improved by a cute, little new house plant in a gorgeous pot?

As for all the culinary stars, great homeware and culinary tools are here for you. But, if you’re just here to taste, that’s OK too; there are many cheese shops, distilleries and breweries, chocolate shops, tea and coffee cafes, and more. Whether you’re grabbing something to use in your kitchen back home or to nibble on during your shopping adventure, know that Stratford has you covered, and you’ll be equally satisfied with either option.

When you’re on a trip, do you like gift-shopping? To be honest, who doesn’t love bringing home some cute knick-knack to display on the shelf back home? It’s a good thing that Stratford also has many gift shops where you can get exactly that. You’ll find many eclectic treasures and local artisan crafted items at Stratford retailers. From boutiques to galleries, there are many stores that feature adorable gift items that you can cherish for the rest of your life (because they’ll hold awesome memories from your trip, duh!). And of course, all of the basic gift shop items you could ever desire are available in Stratford. But, you’ll enjoy the specialty items from homeware, decor and fashion stores even more. You’ll find a few gifts for yourself and maybe others back home—like a gift for your cousin who is a Bieber fanatic, from the Stratford Museum. Thanks, Biebs!

It’s no surprise that Stratford is full of art. Our many galleries feature a variety of collections, even some you can bring home with you. We thrive on artwork, gallery and art stores and are always happy to share it with our visitors. That feeling you get when you add a beautiful new piece of art to your collection is exciting. When you visit Stratford you find something truly unique to take home, unlike what you might find at mass retailers! Our art is special, and so are you, so come enjoy and choose your favourite!

Hobbyists and adventure seekers will find stores for them as well. Hobby and adventure shops will help you find something super exciting to do while you visit Stratford, or you could be inspired to take up a new hobby. Either way, you’ll have fun trying something new and exciting.

Need some new records for your antique record-player back home? No problem. Looking for a few new or antique books to travel to an imaginary world? Double no problem. There are many book and music and stores to keep you entertained. Hey—maybe you’ll come home with a new guitar, but don’t worry we won’t tell anyone.

As you can see, the shopping experience in Stratford is definitely one to remember for every season. Your bank account may not like it, but you definitely will! Every shopaholic needs an escape from the ho-hum every once in a while. Stratford will definitely help with that, so book your getaway easily on the Visit Stratford website. See you soon!

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