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Savour Summer In Stratford

Winter Sucks






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Stratford, Ontario is the Wellness Getaway You Need to Find your Zen this Winter

Posted under Winter Sucks on Jan 29, 2020


Winter can be stressful. But you know what isn’t? Getting some well-earned relaxation in Stratford, Ontario during a weekend getaway.

Covid-19 Update: Some locations and activities included in this blog post may have altered services or cancellations due to the current pandemic. Please check with each business or group directly or contact Stratford Tourism for more information.

Pack your boots and grab your besties or your bae because this winter season in Stratford calls for fun, wellness and romance. It’s the best kind of vacation bundle, and we’re offering it especially for you.

You may be asking, “Winter sucks in Stratford?” And that’s because you haven’t heard about all the reasons this city is still alive this season. Despite the chill, the locals thrive on winter events and activities that you can take part in, too. You’ll be feeling both rested and at peace here, and hey, you may even spark a stronger romance surviving the cold fun with your boo. Trust us, winter doesn’t suck in Stratty, but shhh… don’t tell.

Stratford loves its visitors, so they want to make sure they treat them to the best experience. That’s why there are many local spas where you can get started on your wellness retreat. Enjoy a relaxing massage or facial, or pamper yourself to a stunning mani/pedi. Stratford puts the art in self-care and nurturing, so take a mental break. You deserve it, after all!

One of the best things you can do for your wellness is to forget about everything going on in your life to have some innocent fun. Stratford can definitely offer that to you, especially with their annual winter festival: Winterfest. Imagine bundling up and heading into a magical winter wonderland for ice carving demos, train rides, snowshoeing, winter mini golf, performances and shows, mouth-watering food, pub trails and SO much more. It’s serious winter goals; you’ll forget your stresses in all the outdoor winter fun.

Yoga is great for mindfulness and tranquility. What about snowga? It’s the same, but better! Beginning with a trek through a historical nature trail, snowga will take pauses to do yoga poses to help stretch and strengthen your body and mind. But don’t worry--you’ll be in your full snow gear and snowshoes.

Snowga is led by a certified yoga instructor, so you’ll be enjoying Mother Nature’s best of winter while getting exercise, treating your mental health and even learning a bit of history. Plus, you and your vacay buddies can laugh at each other trying to attempt yoga in snowshoes AND in the snow. It’ll be wild. Ready to call yourself a snowgi?

During Stratford’s winter, there’s also a lot of live music and performances that will have you smiling all night long. On February 9, see an INNERchamber concert: In Love, featuring JUNO nominee, Dayna Manning. This concert is all about love. Here, the INNERchamber Ensemble will play matchmaker by sharing love as a fun, messy, reckless, devastating, disastrous, terrifying, yet beautiful thing. Music is one of the most rejuvenating methods for bettering your wellness, and besides, we know everyone can relate to this topic.

Romance is also an essential part of this city. Please, did you think you had to go all the way to Montreal or Quebec for a romantic city getaway? Don’t worry--Stratford’s got all the european-inspired culture and art to spark any romance.

Starting with a romantic dinner, you can get a specialty meal prepared for you by professional chefs that are both local and international at the Stratford Chefs School Dinner Series. Enjoy a four-to-six course menu prepared by these chefs with wine and coffee or tea. What’s more romantic than bonding over delicious fine dining amongst the most cultured environment? The wedding bells are chiming already!

If you’re visiting around Valentine’s Day, then you and your bae can embrace your true romance on a special chocolate trail that’s winter-exclusive. Chocolate screams romance, and on this adventure, you will take your Chocolate Trail Pass to local shops and vendors where you can try various chocolatey treats. From bakers, pubs, restaurants and chocolate-makers alike, you’ll have the chocolate experience of a lifetime. Then, end your V-day with a special Valentine’s Day three-course dinner. Here’s a tip: you’ll want to make reservations in advance. P.S., you could always end this date with a ring and a proposal (wink, wink).

After spending a weekend in Stratford nurturing your wellness and living the best kind of romantic trip, you’ll be heading home feeling like an entirely new you. Here in Stratford, we care about putting you first. So reach out to us today to get started on booking your weekend getaway. It’ll be easy as pie! Your health, and love life, might thank us.

Make sure to check back in next week for another video and blog post! Brittlestar has a few more tricks up his sleeve! 


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