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Savour Summer In Stratford

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Stratford, Ontario is Inviting You and Your Circle to Join Us Outside This Summer

Posted under Savour Summer In Stratford on Aug 5, 2020

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Calling all locals from Stratty and the surrounding area! We’re excited to share a new way for you to enjoy the outdoors safely here in Stratford. How, you ask? It’s actually quite simple—think circles!

We know you’re wondering what that means, so let us explain. At the park area between Lakeside Drive, Front and Queen Streets, the city has painted 25 circles. Each circle is 8 feet in diameter, and are spaced 16 feet apart. This leaves enough room for people to safely walk both ways in between the circles. With these circles, you and your friends and family can safely enjoy a designated space for fun outdoor activities. That’s right, you can enjoy the circle with your circle!

The summer is in full swing, and the warmth brings us outdoors, these circles are the perfect opportunity for you to make the most out of summer 2020. There are so many things you can do, like pack a picnic or grab takeout and watch the sunset over the Stratford horizon, bask in the sun and read a book or listen to a podcast (goodbye reality!), or even catch up on your 2020 bod’ with some on-the-spot fitness activities. Which reminds us… instructors are able to book the circles for group fitness, like yoga classes! It’s definitely time to get your body moving again, and what better place than the Stratford parks surrounded by flowers, a ton of greenery, water and sunlight.

The circle project is the next step in Stratford’s plan to let people explore the outdoors safely, along with the Stratford en Plein Air (outdoor Stratford) and the Al Fresco project. If you’re a foodie, then you’re going to love Al Fresco. For those that enjoy a beautiful seating area while dining, Al Fresco offers just that! The Stratford city created outdoor dining spaces that feature umbrellas, hand sanitizer stations, waste and recycle bins. These dining spaces can be found at Market Square, Memorial Gardens and on Tom Patterson Island.

Everyone knows we Stratford peeps are true foodies; that’s why we have some amazing restaurants, chefs and even a cooking school. Because we’re so proud of our food culture here, we wanted to make sure we still had a way for everyone else to enjoy our food too. With the Al Fresco dining areas, anyone near Stratford can come for a visit, grab takeout from any restaurant, and hit up an Al Fresco area to enjoy their food under the sun or stars. There are dining spaces for over 200 people, so don’t be shy! We’re happy to see you, and our restaurants are too.

We’re stoked to be creating these new ways for people to have some fun this summer while outside. And we’re not done. We have many more exciting announcements to share. Keep an eye out for our future posts to find out more! In our next article, we’ll be talking about music. Prepare yourself for the ultimate way to enjoy live music once again. If you’re missing concerts this year, we’ve got your solution. Stay tuned, and see you soon!

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