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Meet Alex - Top 5 Stratford Series - Host Gifts

Posted under TOP 5 STRATFORD SERIES on Nov 16, 2018

Top 5 Host Gifts that are better than wine!


Meet Alex, Owner Operator of The Farm Juice Co. producing small batch organic cold-pressed juices. Alex and her partner, Ryan often host guests and believe the simplest ingredients prepared and presented well are always the most impressive. When entertaining Alex always tries to demonstrate that healthy eating can be beautiful, fun and delicious. Here are her Top 5 gifts for hosts that will elevate their next gathering. When they decided to leave Toronto, they chose Stratford, a smaller community with an interesting food scene. They feel so grateful to have made it our home. They are passionate about supporting local businesses and are honoured to be a part of this vibrant community. Based on the belief that food is about community, health and sustainability Alex sells her product at like-minded Stratford businesses including revel, Edisons, The Green Hair Spa, The Yoga Chapple.

Covid-19 Update: Some locations and activities included in this blog post may have altered services or cancellations due to the current pandemic. Please check with each business or group directly or contact Stratford Tourism for more information.

If your hosts have a baby or child I would absolutely recommend Miss Moon; Wise Words from a Dog Governess. This book is written and illustrated by Stratford resident Janet Hill and imparts twenty important lessons we all (furry or not) should learn. It is special to me with a new baby and several four-legged pets. If no babes are in the house you can never go wrong gifting a gorgeous cook book from Fanfare Books. I am currently savouring Ship to Shore by the late John Bil. Good cookbooks strike the perfect balance of inspiring recipes, mouth watering pictures and educating the reader.


Distill has a gorgeous collection of well-crafted Canadian designs. Their small curated selection of ceramics, prints and fabrics always make it difficult for me to choose my favourite. This season I would gift the one-of-a-kind Marianne Chenard Syrup Bottle. It is the perfect functional piece to add a Canadiana feel to your brunch table. Pair it with a tin of local maple syrup. Sweet!


Chemex has mastered design and function. It makes the perfect clean, rich flavourful cup of coffee and looks really sophisticated when serving coffee to others. Complete the package with a bag of revel’s direct trade coffee ground for the Chemex and a box of filters ensuring the gift is easy to use for your host.


Stuart Arkett’s honey, preserves from Pickles Eh (dilly carrots and turnips), local cheese and Italian olives are my favs. Chances are your host appreciates good food and any foodie loves thoughtful products that will make hosting their next event or snack easier.


Any of tea sommelier, Karen's selection or sampling kits are a treat to receive and fun to give. These teas literally made me reconsider tea as a pleasurable and nourishing beverage (I never drank teas before these!) Karen and staff are extremely knowledgeable and will help you find the perfect blend for your host. Ginger rooibos, peppermint or classic Canadian breakfast are my current favourites.


Enjoy giving Alex's awesome host gifts while building fabulous friendships. What are your favourite Stratford gifts to give to hosts?