Don’t miss the fun due to construction delays!

Come to Stratford early and stay late! Construction delays may be significant in summer 2019 so be sure not to miss out on any fun!

Hwy 7: Adding a round-about at Line 26 between Stratford and St. Marys/London/401 W

Exits from this roundabout to Line 26 are now closed. This first phase of construction should not significantly affect through traffic on Hwy 7; however, from July 2nd until October, the roundabout will be closed to all traffic. Detours will be signposted, and drivers should allow extra time to follow them.

Hwy 6 to Embro/401: Replacement of large culvert Aug-Nov

Expect delays but road will not be closed. Hwy 7 detour is suggested as above, if there is an overlap.

Hwy 8 between Stratford and Shakespeare: In progress

Beginning in early June, stretches of this road between the west end of Shakespeare and the east end of Stratford will be reduced on weekdays to a single lane, with flag people controlling traffic in both directions. Delays may be lengthy, so please allow additional time for your trip. (Both lanes are expected to be open on evenings and weekends.)






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Kris Schlotzhauer - Chef/Owner, AO Pasta

Posted under STRATFORD'S #NEXTGEN CHEFS on Apr 1, 2019



Meet Kris Schlotzhauer, Chef and Owner of AO Pasta. Kris was born and raised in Stratford and had his first job dishwashing at The Old English Parlour when he was just 14 years old. Ultimately, that's what lead him to fall in love with the kitchen. When it comes to the dish that Kris is most proud to create, he explains how, “we try to root ourselves in tradition. We love to make classic, comforting dishes that have withstood the test of time.” If you're a pasta lover, make sure to visit AO Pasta, located at 38 Erie Street.

Age: 35

Question Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised in Stratford, Ontario.

Question What or whom inspired you to pursue a culinary career?

I had my first job, dishwashing, at The Olde English Parlour when I was 14 and that is when I immediately fell in love with the kitchen.

Question How has the culinary landscape of Stratford and area influenced your cooking?

We love working with some of the great local producers in the Stratford area. It's always a good thing when the people delivering your food are the same people growing it.

Question What dish are you most proud of creating?

We try to root ourselves in tradition as much as we can. We love to make classic, comforting dishes that have withstood the test of time. The classics are classics for a reason, it's pretty hard to improve upon them.

Question What celebrity would you like to dine with and why?

Matty Matheson, because he's a nice guy and I haven't seen him in a while.